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What is special education? Although it is a term that was often used in the past, it is slowly being phased out. A special education teacher is now an early intervention specialist. What perhaps started as an additional duty for a teacher now has become a separate area of study with several subsets of specialization with in the field. What is special education? The better way to answer is perhaps, what doesn’t it cover. It has become a very fast growing and important area of education. Instead of students all being lumped together as one homogenous group of special needs students, now through modern testing and understanding, students can receive the specific attention for their individual handicapping condition.

Public transportation for this population is sometimes problematic. Although most can take a school bus with adaptive equipment, sometimes the need for a more personalized transportation solution is at hand. Public transportation certainly, by its very nature cannot tailor services to meet individual needs easily, but a bus school can do it easier. A van service such as ours was founded on the very notion. If a child needs a monitor, a vest, a special pick up time or location, that is whole idea for using Personal Leasing Transportation Co. to service the needs of children. What is special education? The answer is made more difficult that it need be, but public transportation cannot help and a bus school may not be able to service the need, but we can. Call us today! Not bus school, but van service.