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About Us

Since 1988, we have been providing quality transportation services to school districts, private schools and summer programs.  All drivers meet the Ohio Department of Education standards for transporting school children.  Annual physicals, random drug testing, criminal background checks with the State of Ohio and the FBI  are all done with every driver.  Vehicles are inspected on a regular basis by ASC certified mechanics.

The State of Ohio has very strict guidelines for drivers of school children including the school bus, van or any other vehicle used for this purpose.  Transportation vehicles need to have certain equipment.  The drivers of the school bus or van need to have on file an annual physical.  Although it is not part of the state requirements, our drivers are subject to random drug and alcohol testing to further insure the safe transportation of children from home to school.  Every driver is finger printed as part of the hiring process and their background is checked in both the State of Ohio and the Federal Bureau of Investigation databases.  This is not done just once, but periodically throughout the time of their employment with us.

Our vehicles undergo thorough safety inspections by ASC certified mechanics several times a year.  Routine maintenance is done at set intervals during the school year and times when school is not in session.  All fluid levels are checked, the integrity of the fluid, tires, bulbs, belts, brakes, suspension items and the overall running condition of the vehicle. 


Although home school is an alternative for many parents, we continue to offer services that may benefit the home school population.