Personal Leasing Transportation Co.

13945 Triskett Road

Cleveland, Ohio

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School children transportation is provided by licensed drivers in the state of Ohio.  Although we can transport children without disabilities, a child with a handicap is our major source of business.  The handicap or handicapping condition can be anything from a vision disability, hearing impairment, autism, learning disability, behavior disability, developmental disability, medically fragile, or a combination of the previous handicap.  Our licensed drivers have provided school children transportation to all different variations of the above mentioned situations.  Please use the form above to contact us about transportation for your special needs children, and we can contact you with a quote or suggestion as to the best course of action.
Several Summer programs and day care center have utilized us to help with field trips or as a supplement to an existing transportation program that is already in place. If your needs are for a one time trip or an ongoing program, we can leverage our capacity to allow the licensed day care center, camp, or handicap children achieve their goals.

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All our vehicles are equipped with 2 way FM radios that are in constant communication with our home office on Cleveland’s west side. This continuous radio communication can help accurately deliver children to their home, school or field trip. Many drivers also use personal cell phones, although their use is strictly prohibited while operating the vehicle. Not only is it against company policy, but it is also against the law to use a personal communication device while operating a school children transportation vehicle of any kind.