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What is the law in Ohio for Car seats?
  • Ohio Revise Code 4511.81

  • A child till age 4 year old and or forty pounds must use a car seat that meets federal motor vehicle safety standards.

  • Once a child reaches 4 years of age or weighs at least 40 pounds, the child can use a booster seat.

  • A child is to use the booster seat until the age of 8 years old or a height of 4’9”

  • All other children (age 8-15) must use a child safety seat or seat belt

  • There is no law about children sitting in the front seat of a car, with or without an airbag.  However, children in booster seats or car seat should not sit in the front seat unless the airbag has been disengaged.  Modern Vehicles have weight sensors on the front passenger seats and airbags will not deploy unless the front passenger is over 70 pounds.

  • For more information click HERE

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